Start Your Own Relocation / Transport Service

Almost every South African moves to another place of residence a few times in their lifetime. Moving to another city is always a challenge. Why not take advantage of this and create your own relocation / transport service that will help other people move their stuff to a new location?


People always move from one place to another. But this is not the only time they need transport services. Remember the last time you purchased a lounge suite? You hired a transport service, didn’t you? This is what this business idea is about.

On the other hand, there are always people who have bought something that need to be delivered affordably. You can offer a delivery service to other township entrepreneurs who maybe fix furniture as well.

ools and skills needed

Starting a relocation company might be quite challenging if you don’t have capital because you will need a vehicle, in most cases you won’t need those giant trucks, but a bakkie is a must. A flatbed is an ideal vehicle.

If you don’t have enough money to buy a vehicle, you can also rent it. A vehicle is necessary in this business. Some entrepreneurs who offer transport services don’t buy vehicles, they rent or lease them. This is a common practice that reduces the cost of doing business but would also mean less profit compared to purchasing a vehicle.

Earning potential

Your earning potential depends on your business strategy. If you work on your own, you can make R15000 a month (an average of R500 a day) easy. If you find other people to work for you, and concentrate your efforts on marketing your services, you can make R10000 off one truck. Factor in the cost of a labourer to help with heavy loads as well.

More information:

Watch the following video that explains how to start a small trucking company


Information on starting a small trucking fleet is very rare on the internet. Starting a small fleet is the stepping stone to owning a major trucking company. Follow along with me as I reveal the path I took to establishing a highly profitable and sustainable small truck fleet.

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