Start a Rural Tourism Agency

The term rural population refers to people living in rural areas. Where, do you think, most South Africans live, – in rural areas or in cities and towns?

Fifty years ago rural areas was the right answer, but today over 70% of South Africans are urban citizens who have never been to a small rural town. You can create your own tourism agency and take them there for a weekend.


Starting your own rural tourism agency is really easy. First, you have to look at a South African map and find some rural areas located not far from big cities.
You can get an idea of a rural lifestyle from this video

Rural Livelihoods and Development in South Africa

How do poor people in South Africa’s rural areas survive? What are the challenges they meet in their daily struggle to cope? This film by PLAAS researcher David Neves explores the nature of migration in South Africa, describes urban rural linkages, and spotlights the key problems rural development policy needs to solve.

Just imagine, in a few hundred kilometers the life is completely different. Why not find a small town, go there, and hire a local who would serve you as a guide? You can make a deal with them and create your own unique tourist route.
You can offer various activities like petting farms, horse riding, ostrich riding, strawberry picking and even look at farm style accommodation.

Target Market
Millions of South Africans who were born in big cities like Cape Town, grew up, went to school, graduated, and are working as managers, programmers, office clerks, have no clue how many nipples a goat has!
A lot of modern children have never seen a cow, a pig, or a sheep in real life. Therefore, millions of South African urban citizens may be your prospect customers.

Tools Needed & Marketing Ideas
No office, no employees, almost nothing is needed to start this business. You can just be a travel agent organizing everything or you can be a tour guide.

But you do need to create social media accounts and update it regularly by posting new photos. You can make them during your trips. Just take pictures of everything – houses, huts, animals, plants. Your mission is to inspire people by the beauty and originality of rural life.

And of course, you will need a vehicle for transportation purposes.

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