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There are new businesses popping up all the time, and what is one of the things they will surely need? Signage! Not only that but exiting business also need signage for promotions or rebranding, tap into this market by starting your own signage company.

Today the most popular way to make signage is by cutting vinyl and pasting it onto a substrate such as corrugated plastic (Correx), acrylic sheet (Perspex) or metal roof sheets (Chromadeck). Correx is often used for indoor and short term outdoor use (it’s very popular with estate agents), Perspex is used for medium term outdoor and more fancy signage (as it can be fabricated) as well as light boxes. Chromadeck is very popular for long term outdoor use.

Besides a computer and vinyl cutter you may need some extra equipment and skills as well especially if you are going to have to install large signs. You will need a vehicle such as a bakkie and you will need the ability to make frames for your signage using angle iron (this can be outsourced to a welding company).

However please understand that having a computer and vinyl cutter does not mean you will have a successful business, because it’s so easy to get into this business it is very competitive, so you are going to have to work hard for clients. Advertise on classified sites such as Gumtree, if you see an unoccupied building drop your card or flyer in the letterbox.

While signage is not difficult to learn I would definitely advise that you familiar with techniques that will save you time and money. While nothing beats on the job learning if you can get from another company there are lots of tutorials online with useful tips.

Equipment needed
Vinyl Cutter
Digital Printer (if you intend doing full-colour prints, but starting out this can be outsourced).

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Falcon Signage Supplies

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