Start a Specialist Door Business

The timber & joinery industry can be a complicated industry if you are just starting out, but by starting in a smaller subset of the market such as doors and learning the ropes, you are able to appear to be a go-to guy specialist and you’ve chosen a subset that is profitable enough to be a viable and sustainable business.

First off you need to familiarise yourself with the door business, this will be easier than say the whole joinery business but it will still be some to take in: materials (different kinds of woods), different types of doors (internal doors, entrance doors, back doors, pivot doors etc.) as well as door frames and arches.

Once you know your product, then it’s time to get suppliers, starting with basic doors, luxury as well as custom made doors (if you want to offer it). Make sure you study your suppliers full catalogue to specialise you must know products inside and out and be able to offer advice as to what door is best for what purpose if you want to be known as the go-to door guy amongst the jack-of-all trade timber and joinery competitors.

Business Model
This is a retail business where you buy from a supplier and resell to a builder or consumer. So you will buy from a trade manufacturer add your markup and resell it. For custom made doors you will outsource the work to a custom door manufacturer.

Products and Services
This business sells doors and related products, you can also add handles and locks to your product list. You should also be able to advise clients on the best type of doors for their particular use. This will come in handy if you are supplying developments and the developer will tell you what their requirements are and you advise and supply accordingly.

Competitive Advantage
You should use both your knowledge and pricing to your advantage in this business. Once you have built up a good reputation and doing good volumes you are able to negotiate better rates from suppliers which you can pass on to your clients.

Target Market
You can sell to both building contractors and homeowners. Home owners not DIY inclined may ask if you offer a installation service, you can either do this yourself (not really advised), outsource it and take a cut or just refer the client to a competent handyman.

Type Retail
Industry Timber & Joinery