Start a Taxi Advertising Business

Millions of South Africans use minibus taxis every day to commute to work, school and wherever else they need to be. Start your own business selling advertising space inside or outside of taxis and split the revenue with the taxi owner.

We know the majority of South Africans are poor, without vehicles and living in lower income areas. This is a massive market in SA as it makes up the majority of people. Taxi advertising is probably the best way for brands to easily and affordably reach this audience. How else would they reach this market effectively without the huge expensive of TV ads? Not only that but taxis drive up and down the street all day long meaning even more brand exposure.

Getting Started
You are basically the point between the brand owner and taxi owner. Once a campaign is agreed upon (creatives, duration, cost etc.) then it is executed as outlined in the brief. If it’s a vehicle wrap then the artwork will be sent to a signage company to print and install on the vehicle etc. You then have to pay the taxi owner an agreed on amount for an agreed upon time.

There are two places to effective advertise: outside the taxi (digitally printed vinyl) or inside the taxi using LCD screens.

Tips / Challenges
While this business sounds obvious and simple to execute. There might be certain challenges, taxi owners don’t have the best reputation in SA, many brands won’t want to advertise on taxis and they might be hard to deal with etc.

Image credit: Matti Blume