Township Business Opportunities in SA

With the majority of South Africans living in poverty the “bottom end” of the market is enormous for affordable products and services. Whether you live in the township and want to start a business with little capital or want to target lower income groups this is not a market that can be easily ignored.

Food & Clothing
Buy & Sell Distressed / Salvage Food Products
Everyone has to eat but with rising food costs even the middle class are feeling stressed when they ring up their trolleys, one can only imagine how the poor must feel. This is why distressed and salvage food are a multi million rand business in South Africa.

Start a Cheap Biscuit Distribution Company
At close to R20 a packet, many people can no longer afford Bakers and Baumann’s biscuits, this has opened up an opportunity to start a distribution company selling cheap biscuits such as those made by Casa-Mia to house, spaza and container shops.

Buy & Sell Spices Wholesale
Shops in the township usually sell spices in small quantities at an affordable price, sell spices in bulk to township shops, you can also sell them plastic bags to package the spices.

Buy and Sell Secondhand Clothing
While essential, clothing is a luxury many in SA cannot afford, not only is there a booming local sourcing business, but there is also opportunity to import bales of clothing from other countries to resell.

Building and construction
Make and Sell Stumbelblocs
Many people would like to extend their properties or even build on a small room for a family member. Stumbelblocks are a local supplier of interlocking block moulds.

Buy & Sell Secondhand Building Materials
What is discarded in the suburbs during renovations can be used in the township to improve someone’s living conditions at the fraction of the price of new materials.

Training & Education
Start a Forklift Training Company
One of the key ways to get out of poverty is to learn a skill that you can use to better yourself, help people by running a forklift training school.

Buy and Sell Leather Offcuts
There are lots of creativity in the townships and this has opened up a market to supply local entrepreneurs with materials to use to make and sell their crafts.

Start a Business Consulting Business: Help Township Entrepreneurs Start Their Own Business
The township are full of potential but not everyone has the skills to build their businesses and lift themselves out of poverty, start a consulting business to help township entrepreneurs with traning and getting their product to market.

Make and Sell Braai’s Made from Washing Machine Drums
Everybody loves a braai but not everyone can afford a Weber, make and sell braai’s made from washing machine drums.

Start a Pool Table Hiring Company
Townships usually have plenty of shebeens, start your own business hiring out pool tables and splitting the revenue with tavern owners.