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Business Opportunities from South Africa’s Rapid Deindustrialisation

De-industrialisation is a process of social and economic change caused by the removal or reduction of industrial capacity or activity in a country or region, especially of heavy industry or manufacturing industry. This is usually seen as a bad thing but it will open up opportunity in some industries. We all know that South Africa is in decline; we live it every day, an already difficult operating environment made worse by Eskom and petrol price […]

What is a Business Opportunity, how to offer one and how to take advantage of one

Last time I mentioned going forward we will be looking at business opportunities. However, I just want to get everyone on the same page, because in business often a term means different things to different people or is open to more than one interpretation, and most importantly it has to be understood within its context. The goal of the next few posts is to get everyone on the same page to be able to offer […]

Business Opportunities from South Africa’s Zero-limit Drunk Driving Legislation

The government is about to take the drastic step of cutting the legal blood alcohol limit while driving from 0.05% to 0%. This in theory will make it illegal to drive even if you have even just taken a few sips of alcohol. This may or may not have a profound effect on society but business is all about a market need and solving a problem and being caught driving “drunk” is a big problem. […]

Food Business Opportunities

The food industry includes the preparation, processing and manufacture of food. It’s a popular industry as not only do all people need food to survive but it is also something that small business, even a one-man business can get into. Once you have established which food business you want to get into, you’ve researched it, know it’s something that you can do with your abilities and resources. Three things that often leads to failure in […]

Bakery Business Opportunities

The baking business has some of the highest profit margins in the food industry but there is almost always existing competition in one way or the other. Success in this business depends on having a plan. Here are a few ideas: A sustainable business involves being able to sell a certain amount of a product at a certain price. This goal can be achieved in various ways: You can sell a lot of cheap products […]

Graphic Design Business Opportunities in South Africa

One of the cheapest ways that a business can be started with is if you already have a marketable skill or you can learn one. Design is one of those things that if you have a computer, software and internet connection you are in business. You also don’t have to operate a service business to deal with clients you can start a more passive business whereby your designs are sold and you get a commission […]

Township Business Opportunities in SA

With the majority of South Africans living in poverty the “bottom end” of the market is enormous for affordable products and services. Whether you live in the township and want to start a business with little capital or want to target lower income groups this is not a market that can be easily ignored. Food & Clothing Buy & Sell Distressed / Salvage Food Products Everyone has to eat but with rising food costs even […]

Printing Business Opportunities in South Africa

Printing is a competitive industry, but there’s a reason for that as there is quite a bit of work out there. It is also a business that can be started with a moderate amount of capital and expanded, but the competitive landscape means its hard work, with slim margins and tight deadlines. The goal is to differentiate from others, specialise in certain industries, example: instead of just being a general screen-printer doing promotional work, focus […]

Signage Business Opportunities in South Africa

Signage like printing is another business that does not cost a lot to enter, in fact you can even start a sustainable business with a small vinyl cutter, and like printing for this very reason it is quite competitive that is why you need to find ways to constantly adapt, keep your company in people minds, advertise on your local Gumtree, when you see a shop front open drop your card off, make fridge magnets […]

Farming & Agriculture Business Opportunities in South Africa

A farming business can be lucrative, but also a lot of work. This is one business that is not for everyone. Best to start small and simple to get a feel for things. For larger scale farming it is advised to take a few courses in your interested field e.g. crop cultivation, livestock production etc. Livestock Production Poultry Farming – Egg / Chicken Hatchery Pig Farming Business Crop cultivation Flower Farming Mushroom Farming Sugarcane Farming […]

Start a Community Ads Booklet Publishing Business

A community ads pamphlet is a booklet printed and distributed to a certain area. It is a hyperlocal publication, focused on smaller areas within a larger area. It contains essential services, contact details, tips and small classifieds. Money is made by selling advertising to businesses. Format The community ads brochure is usually a one colour, A4 folded landscape into 2x A5. It is usually printed on a Riso or litho printer. A Riso is the […]