Become a Life Coach: Make Money and Change People’s Lives

What can be better than helping people get rid of depression, improving their relationships, finding a life purpose and… make money off it? Why not become a life coach?

Who needs a life coach?
When it comes to repairing a leaking pipe, we call a plumber. Firemen extinguish a fire, doctors treat flu. When it comes to achieving goals (be it losing weight or doubling your income), we’re looking for a life coach.

A life coach is a person who helps people figure out their goals and achieve them.
Every single person needs a life coach, but in most cases, life coaches work with people who make decent amounts of money and want to improve these aspects of their lives (or one of them):
Physical health

Tools and skills needed
If you’re not going to become a full-time life coach and dedicate your whole life to traveling around the world and performing on stage, you can do the job after hours (most of your clients will be working people) and even online using your laptop or even a smart phone.

A life coach must possess three important skills:

If you feel depressed, unmotivated, tired, nobody will hire you. In reality, your future clients already know how to lose those 15 kilograms or start that business. They need support and motivation. You have to tell them things they already know and understand. But in other words, how do you do that? Be a trustworthy and creative person.

Excellent communication skills
Remember, you’re not a radio host! Sometimes it’s more important to listen rather than to speak.

This is what your future clients will be looking for in the first place. You have to have some experience. Here are some ideas for you.
1) You used to suffer from depression for a long time, devoted a lot of time to learning psychology and finally developed your own unique strategy to fight this state. Now you’re offering your services in helping people to get rid of a depressive state.
2) You used to be overweight, but now you are trim and fit, exercise a lot and help people lose weight.

How to get started?
Once you have developed a plan and perfected your craft (see “more information” for resources), do a few free sessions to get feedback, it’s time to get yourself out there: have a website designed and start advertising your services. Start a YouTube channel or a blog to share your experience – when you reach some degree of popularity, start sharing your services.

You can learn more about becoming a life coach from this video: How To Become A Life Coach – Every Part of the Process Revealed in Detail

How To Become A Life Coach – Every Part of the Process Revealed in Detail

How To Become A Life Coach – Learn the keys to becoming a great life coach in under 15 minutes! Check out for more free videos! The Ultimate Life Purpose Course – Create Your Dream Career: Leo’s Top 140 Self Help Books Hey, this is Leo for

Earning potential
The most successful and influential life coach in the world Tony Robbins charges $1 million from one person for a yearlong life coaching sessions. Since you’re looking for some extra cash, you can charge up to R500 per hour for a 1-hour Skype consultation call. This number can grow significantly as your popularity grows.

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