Buy & Sell Plastic Bags Wholesale

If you looking for a cheap and easy retail (buying and selling) business to get into that is not too competitive then supplying other entrepreneurs with packaging materials is something to look into.

The buying and selling of plastic bags is a wholesale business model, where you supply bags to entrepreneurs who are selling their own stuff. So instead of competing against them by selling sweets or vetkoek, sell the bags that will hold the sweets and vetkoek to them.

Business Model
This is a retail business model, where you will buy larger quantities (say in bags of 1000), from a bigger supplier and resell it to smaller entrepreneurs in smaller quantities (maybe bags of 100).

You have to get your sizing and thickness right, essentially go with popular sizes: sweets bags, chips/popcorn bags, biscuit bags, vetkoek bags, fruit bags, bread bags etc.

Do your research, find out where entrepreneurs are currently buying their bags (this is a something they won’t mind sharing as its not core to their business), find out how much they are paying, do they have to buy minimum quantity and what would they prefer in a supplier. In other words they could say they are being forced to buy 500 bags from supplier of one size, when they would prefer 500 bags in five different sizes (100) of each. If you can match their suppliers unit cost and can supply in smaller quantities of different sizes then surely they will buy from you. It’s like selling picks and shovels, people are making and selling the stuff but come back to you all the time when they need packaging.

Image credit: Carlier Packaging