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One of the formulas to small business success is to make something that has a low material cost and that can sell for a profit high margin, examples include pallet furniture, trestle desks, furniture made from recycled plastic and even concrete furniture. Today we look at something similar but different: pipe furniture.

What is pipe furniture?
Pipe furniture is furniture and other household items made from pipes, tubes and fittings (including flanges) and another material such as wood or glass. Here are the components that make up the product in this business:

Pipe fittings | ©Google search
Flanges | ©Google search
Pipe (often black iron pipe is used) | ©Google search

Together these are combined to create items that can be described as having the “industrial” look:

Pipe shelving | ©Simplified Building

Here are the materials used to make a lamp:

Pipe furniture materials | ©How About Orange

Here is a picture of a floor lamp being made:

Pipe lamp being made | ©How About Orange

Here is a picture of the assembly:

Pipe lamp layout | ©How About Orange

Here is a picture of the completed lamp:

Pipe floor lamp

Here are they all together when building a coffee table (you can see the flanges at the top and the pipes and the fittings):

Pipe coffee table | © Your Daily Upgrade
Pipe coffee table complete | © Your Daily Upgrade

Here are the components needed to build the above table:

Pipe coffee table components | © Your Daily Upgrade

This method can also be used to create the “steampunk” look:

Steampunk look | Pinterest
Steampunk lamps | © Google search

Making your products
There are numerous tutorials online on how to make these items. They do require some skill to create a polished product. But if you are good with woodwork or furniture making then you won’t have a problem. Also this is a skill that can be easily learnt.

Selling your products
As with any business making a product is useless without a market to buy it. This is often a custom business where interior designers will have these furniture made bespoke for a client. There are retail outlets that sell these products as well.

The first thing you need to do is make some samples and take photos of it, develop a brand, start a website, get an Instagram account, maybe add some pins to Pinterest so your product will show up better in search results. Once you’ve done that you can reach out to possible buyers like interior designers or even people living in apartments or shops with an industrial look.

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