Open a Computer Training Centre

Technological progress has led to increased interest in computer technology. What is familiar and ordinary for today’s youth is a rather unfamiliar object for older generations. And this is understandable, because when they were young, they simply did not have the opportunity to understand all the wisdom of working on a computer.

Moreover, there are both young and old people who would like to master particular skills like video editing, photo editing, working in Microsoft Word, etc.

Therefore, the emergence of computer literacy courses has become a necessary thing. No wonder, this service is now in great demand.

Skills needed

If you want to start a computer software training business, you have to master two important skills:

  • You have to be good at what you teach. For example, you are going to teach people how to edit photos using Photoshop. In this case, you have to be a pro expert:
  • You have to be a good teacher. This is even more important because there are a lot of qualified programmers and system administrators who can’t just make up words. Can they be trainers? Obviously, not!


Tools needed
You have to rent a small yet comfortable room and purchase at least 5 laptops or desktop computers with monitors.

Tables, chairs, Internet connection will also be needed.


Course ideas

Here are some ideas for your future training (by increasing complexity):

  • How to use a computer?
  • How to edit photos with Photoshop?
  • Learn video editing with Sony Vegas
  • Basic web programming: learn HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
  • How to make a website with WordPress?
  • Learn how to code and become a freelance programmer.


More Information

Get an idea of what your future training might look like from these courses:

Master Computers – From Beginner to Expert in One Week

Computer Basics for the Simple Beginner: A guide for new computer users or those who want to know more to get started with the basics!