Open an Internet Café & Copy Shop

An internet café and coffee shop provides the public with computers (with an internet connection) to use as well as a copying and printing service.

Business Model
This business provides people to use a computer connected to the Internet, which is charged per hour as well as a printing service which is charged per page. From here on you can branch out to more services, like offer a lamination service, business card printing as well as other auxiliary services.

To start this business, for the internet café, you will need a few computers, minimum 5 I would say, as well as desks to accompany it. A decent internet connection is compulsory.
For the printing and copying you will need a printerphotocopier machinepaper cutter/guillotinelamination machine and pouches.

Target Market
This business attracts various types of people but most popularly:
Small business owners – looking to use the internet, make copies for presentations and print business cards.
Jobseekers – To look for jobs on the internet and write and print CV’s.
School children – To do research for assignments and print out information.

Products & Services you can offer
Computer and internet use – by the hour of half hour
Printing from disc
Photo printing
Business card printing
Internet gaming
You can also make extra money by selling cool drinks, sweets, chips, coffee and tea.

This business has declined in popularity in recent years due to cell phones and cheaper data and free wifi initiatives. But there is still an opportunity especially in lower income areas where people don’t have computers and printers at home.

Business Model Service
Equipment Computers, photocopierprinterlamination machinepaper cutter
Materials Copy paper, photo paper, lamination pouches, ink & toner