Printing Business Opportunities in South Africa

Printing is a competitive industry, but there’s a reason for that as there is quite a bit of work out there. It is also a business that can be started with a moderate amount of capital and expanded, but the competitive landscape means its hard work, with slim margins and tight deadlines.

The goal is to differentiate from others, specialise in certain industries, example: instead of just being a general screen-printer doing promotional work, focus on attention to detail and target the fashion industry.

Here are some printing business opportunities in South Africa

Design and Print Business Cards

With so many people starting their own business there is a big market for business cards in South Africa. What you will be doing is supplying them with business cards. Process You will be selling business cards in batches of 100, each business card is 90x50mm in size (9x5cm), this is a standard size.

Make and Sell Custom CD Clocks

Custom CD clocks are an interesting business that allows anyone with a computer and inkjet printer to make and sell personalized clocks featuring an image or logo. What makes this business cheaper to start is that a computer or printer is not even necessary from the beginning as the printing can be outsourced to an […]

Make and Sell Magnetic Business Cards

A magnetic business card doubles up as a fridge magnet and memo holder. Make and sell magnetic business cards for clients and ensure their brand is looked at multiples times a day. Process You will need magnetic sheet, printable stickers and lamination pouches to create the cards.

Start a Label Printing Company

Labels are everywhere as barcodes, delivery addresses, on sweet packets and on countless other things. Start your own business printing labels for people. Label printing is a great business, modern label printers are able to print large volumes of labels, cheap and fast, and to keep up with this labels are disposable meaning repeat business.

Start a Screen Printing Company

A screen printing business can be started with little capital as the majority of equipment can be easily made for much cheaper than the commercial equivalent. Start your own screen printing company that you can run from almost anywhere. What is screen-printing Screen-printing or silk-screen printing is a print technique whereby a mesh is used […]

Print and Sell Custom Edible Sheets for Cakes

Custom edible sheets make an otherwise bland cake look attractive without a lot of cost. Start your own business printing and selling edible sheets to people who make cakes. Introduction Edible sheets are added to the top of the cake (and cupcakes) to give the cake a full colour image and even photo finish.

Print and Sell Transparent, Translucent and Frosted Business Cards

Clear business cards are eye-catching making it likely that the recipient will keep it which could lead to future business. Offer a service printing and selling clear, translucent and frosted business cards. Process No special equipment is needed to make transparent, translucent or frosted business cards.

Start a Ball Printing Business

Ball printing is a novelty printing business that allows you to print full colour images onto balls using the heat transfer method. It is more lucrative than other novelty printing businesses such as mug printing and has far less competition, but this comes at a price as you might have to import some of the […]

Start a Cap Printing Business

Cap printing is the process of printing images, logos etc. onto caps (peak / baseball caps, trucker hats and even beanies). Start your own business offering this service. Introduction It is often hard to enter the market as a small business with little capital, but focusing on a smaller subset of the larger market will […]