Start a Drone Repair and Maintenance Service

As drones become more and more popular, the more drones people buy and fly, the more accidents occur or drones that will need to be repaired. There is a place for a small drone maintenance company in every city where people fly drones.

Market Need
Flying drones doesn’t require any licence, so people are not taught how to fly properly and that’s why they often get into accidents and need to be fixed.
Regular drone maintenance lowers the chances of accidents, saves money down the road, and reduces the risk of liability.

You can start a business offering two services for drone owners:

  • Drone maintenance – for people who take care of their drones and want to lower the chances of accidents;
  • Drone repair – fixing and troubleshooting for all kinds of drone problems.

Competition & Target Market
Drone maintenance and repair is still a niche business. You can concentrate your efforts on professionals who make money with their drones, not amateurs, who use them just for fun. In this, your typical customer is a videographer, or a cameraman, such as those taking aerial videos at events or photos of properties for estate agents.

Financials: Budgeting & Forecasting
Starting a drone repair business requires a little budget. You just need to learns the skills yourself or hire a drone repairman, who understands the technology and is able to fix any issues. This can also be operated as a sideline business.

Sales Channels & Marketing Activities
Since most of the drone owners are professionals, the best way to market your services is through the target industry. You can create a Facebook page about drones to create awareness about your business, or an Instagram account and post some photos made with drones. Just add your phone number or a website address to your pages and attract visitors this way.

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