Automotive Business Opportunities in South Africa

With over 12 million cars on South African roads there is bound to be an opportunity for the small business owner. Here are some ideas for small business owners in South Africa.

Automotive Small Business Opportunities
Tyre Polishing
Vehicle Headlight Restoration
Paintless Dent Removal
Start an eco friendly waterless car wash

Automotive Medium Size Business Opportunities
Start a Car Hire Business
Start a Limo Service
Buy cars in one province and sell it in another (example: cars in Gauteng are cheaper than cars in Cape Town)


Start Your Own Car Key Cutting Business

Car key cutting is a business that can be run by one person. Here are the various different types of car keys and what to focus on. Start your own business making duplicate and replacement car keys. Different types of car keys Car keys fall into two broad categories: non transponder and transponder aka “chipped” […]

Start a Business Plasti Dip Coating Cars & Rims

Plasti Dip is a rubber coating that is used to change the colour of cars and rims. It is much cheaper than a spray job and can be easily removed if the owner wants to revert back to the cars original colour. What is Plasti Dip Plasti Dip is a protective rubber coating that was […]

Make & Sell Car Ramps

Car ramps allow people to safely access the bottom of a car without the need to lay flat on the ground. Start your own business manufacturing car ramps. Business model This is a simple manufacturing business model: make the ramps and resell it. Factor in all costs, materials, time and work out a profit margin […]

Start a Windscreen Removal, Repair and Replacement Business

The windscreens of cars often need to be removed, repaired and replaced. Start your own business offering these services. The business Firstly I want to point out that this is actually three distinct services and you will get operators in these businesses that offer one of the abovementioned services.

Start a Mag Repair & Refurbishment Service

The aluminium wheel rims on cars often come into contact with pavements and various other road hazards. This causes the wheels to crack, dent or cause unsightly nicks and scratches. Start your own business repairing and refurbishing car mags. The business There is essentially two parts to this business.