Start a Photography Service Business

Do you enjoy taking photos of making videos of your family? Did you ever make a video on the street? Do you feel comfortable photographing other people? If yes, and if you have a camcorder or a camera, you can turn your passion into a successful business — just start a photography service business at your own home!

Skills and tools needed
In order to get started you have to decide whether you’re going to shoot videos or take photos. Both ways are fine, but they require different devices. It might surprise you, but you can make a high-quality photo and video using an affordable camera or camcorder. You can also look for second hand devices if you can’t afford new. You can also assemble all the equipment you need and build a portrait studio from home which does not require a lof of space (you can simple change the backgrounds for variety.). Product photography for entrepreneurs is another thing to look at.

Photographers use Adobe Photoshop for editing photos. You’ll need to spend some time learning how to use it. This is a rather complicated program to use properly, and even experienced users face difficulties working with it. Best piece of video editing software are Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas or Camtasia Studio.

Target Market
The most popular type of photography service are for events: weddings, baby showers, portraits. You can also take instant photos at venues such as clubs on the weekend.

Earning potential:
On average, a photographer in South Africa makes from a few hundred to a few thousand for an event. Some well-known photographers can charge tens of thousands for one-day event. The same applies to videographers.

What is important to remember is that it’s not enough to be a good photographer or a videographer; you have to learn how to promote your brand in order to find customers.

The best social media for a photographer is Instagram. Everyday millions of South Africans go to Instagram to look at photos. Just start an Instagram account and upload at least a few photos a day. If your subscribers like you, they will hire you!

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