Food Business Opportunities

The food industry includes the preparation, processing and manufacture of food. It’s a popular industry as not only do all people need food to survive but it is also something that small business, even a one-man business can get into.

Once you have established which food business you want to get into, you’ve researched it, know it’s something that you can do with your abilities and resources. Three things that often leads to failure in this business: the business model, the product and the sales channel.

If you are going to make a premium product, like artisanal food then you cannot sell it in a place where there are not people that are willing to pay that premium. Seems pretty obvious, right? Many people get this wrong, simply because they don’t understand their target market.

Usually, startups in the premium food industry, overestimate the disposable income of middle-class consumers in South Africa. What constitutes middle-income in SA and what type of disposable income do they have? Most “middle-class” people are struggling in SA and get by with the bare essentials, which is why the location of the sales channel is vitally important.

Here are some business ideas in this industry:
Frozen Food Manufacturing Business
Distressed / Salvage Food Product Business
Food Truck Business
Ghost Kitchen/Restaurant Business
Clearance Supermarket
Grow and Sell Mushrooms
Make and Sell Biltong
Start a Raw Potato Chip Supply Company
Make and Sell Paaper Bites
Open a Caravan Take-Aways
Start a Food Truck Business
Open Up a Dessert Trailer
Buy & Sell Popcorn Kernels
Make and Sell Gourmet Popcorn
Food Importing Business